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GoodRx provides current prices and discounts for prescription drugs at US pharmacies.

Using GoodRx

Getting Started

First, click search in the upper right, or the search drug prices button in the center of your screen.

To search, start typing the name of your prescription (brand or generic). You’ll see a list of suggestions. Choose your prescription from the list. The next screen will let you configure your prescription. Click the blue edit your prescription button to select the correct dosage, form, and quantity. Set your location by touching the blue location bar and entering your city or zip code to see the prices in your area.

Finding Your Lowest Price

GoodRx will show you the lowest price we can find for each pharmacy in your area. This may be a coupon price, cash price, or membership price. If you click on a pharmacy or price, you can see additional information about the pharmacy (address, phone number, store hours).

The prices we display may be any of the following:

  1. Coupon Price - GoodRx offers free coupons which give you access to discounted prices from the pharmacy. You can view and present these coupons to the pharmacy from your phone. There are no obligations, contracts or fees for using a coupon.
  2. Cash Price - This is the estimated price you'll pay if you walk in, present your prescription and pay cash without insurance. You won’t see a coupon or membership link on this type of price, but you can still click on the price or pharmacy for more information.
  3. Membership Price - Some pharmacy chains offer discounted prices if you sign up for a for-pay ($15 - $30 per year) or a free membership program.

Savings Tips and Manufacturer Discounts

From the price page, you can also find valuable savings and manufacturer discounts. Look at the bottom of your search results under tips.

Learn About Your Drug

From the price page, use the info tab below the price list to learn more about a drug, including side effects, dosing, and prescribing information.

Recent News

From the price page, you can view recent news and other important updates about your prescription. Use the news tab at the bottom of the search results page to view recent articles about a drug.

Where can I find your mobile app?

You can download the iOS (iPhone or iPad) app from the Apple App Store and the Android app from Google Play. You can also use GoodRx from any mobile browser at

Using a Coupon

How do GoodRx drug discount coupons work?

Once you’ve found a coupon for your prescription, touch the pharmacy or price. You’ll see pharmacy information and a show free coupon button. Simply touch the button and present the coupon information to your pharmacist right from your phone when filling or refilling your prescription.

You can also email or text the coupon to yourself to print or save for later.

What do I do if a pharmacist won’t honor the coupon?

Some pharmacists may not be aware of the agreement they have to accept GoodRx coupons. However, they are contractually obligated to honor the discounts and we can generally resolve any misunderstanding. Please start by calling the phone number provided on the coupon. If that doesn't resolve your problem, contact us at

Do I need a new coupon every time I fill my prescription?

Once you use a coupon, it will remain on file at your pharmacy and can be used for any medication you fill at that pharmacy. However, prices and discounts can change, so we recommend that you check GoodRx before you refill.

I have insurance. Can GoodRx still help?

If you have insurance or Medicare, GoodRx can still help! Check our prices against your insurance - we often find lower prices.

Did we answer your questions?

For more information and additional answers, head to the Help and FAQ section on the GoodRx website.

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